10 Awesome Kitchen Office Space Areas

Shared use kitchen office space areas are a must for companies these days.

Employees looking for an escape can utilize the kitchen area to rest, relax and hatch new ideas with coworkers.

Your kitchen office space area is essential for employees. That’s why we’ve compiled photos of some awesome kitchen office space areas – from Airbnb to GitHub – in hopes of inspiring you to invest in an area that employees like to spend time.

Airbnb Kitchen AreaAirbnb's huge kitchen area gives employees a place to escape.

Github KitchenGithub's picnic table style benches with chandeliers overhead give the kitchen office space a feeling of importance.

kitchen office space area dropboxDropbox's kitchen resembles your favorite coffee shop with a clean, cafe feel with a walk up counter in an open space.

Business Office Kitchen AreaAutomattic has a beautiful kitchen office space area that exposes natural wood from ceiling to staircase.

Pinterest Kitchen AreaThe kitchen area at Pinterest headquarters is a main focal point in the building with plenty of long, picnic style seating.

Instagram Kitchen AreaInstagram has a simple kitchen area on wheels. With a few retro furnishings, this kitchen office space area pays homage to the vintage styling of the Instagram service.

Hotel Tonight
Hotel Tonight Office Space Kitchen AreaThe kitchen office space area at Hotel Tonight resembles that of a luxury, 5 star hotel. With dropdown lighting, exposed ceilings and clean, white tiling throughout, this kitchen is one we wouldn't mind spending some time in.

Twitter Kitchen Area Hashtag Comfort#Comfort. That's about all you need to know about Twitter's kitchen space. The buffet style space gives employees plenty of healthy eating options, and the hashtag is a subtle reminder of the platforms unique service.

StumbleUpon Kitchen AreaIf you stumbled upon StumbleUpon's kitchen area, you'd notice the bar style seating with the beers on tap in the back. Friday afternoons must be a good time.

Yammer Kitchen AreaThe stylish kitchen area at Yammer reflects the company positioning as a professional social network.

What awesome kitchen office space areas have you visited? Let us know on the Keyser Facebook page.

[Photo Credits]: Custom Spaces


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