The Challenges in Leadership vs. Brokerage

When it comes to commercial real estate there are a handful of variables that can be challenge brokers and advisors. Each client has their own business strategy and as an advisor, it's the broker's responsibility to guide them to the best commercial real estate solution for their strategy. When hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the line for businesses, it's important to understand not just the solution the client wants, but be prepared for the situations that will occur throughout the process.

Similarly, when you are the founder of a company, whether that's a commercial real estate brokerage firm like Keyser or something vastly different, there are different challenges to tackle.

Join your host, Olivia Garrett and Jonathan Keyser as they dive into the similarities, differences, and challenges of being a founder and broker. Then, stay tuned for the one piece of advice, Jonathan Keyser would give to young professionals to ensure success.

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